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iscariot, you fool.
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4 guys, 1 screenshot. On a scale of 1-10 how well do these represent them.

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This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013. 

i feel so fucking old right now…

Anyone else notice how more songs were in a minor key at the beginning of the video?

so I’m thinking that I need to lay off alcohol for a while because I started getting slight pains in/near my liver after drinking tonight, and I’d rather not do any damage to it

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Alright let me help out then:

1) Most of the cast is female. In fact only two main characters are male.

2) Both male characters take typically non-masculine hobbies. Emerson Cod knits almost non-stop and makes pop-up books. Ned is literally called “The Pie-Maker” because he bakes homestyle pies from his mother’s method. Both are shown to be very nurturing and even maternal characters. Conversely, the women? A pair of professional travelling show performers that have gritty sexual scandals the way men usually get (see the entire “Chuck’s father” storylines), a beekeeper who is the single most positive and optimistic character imaginable, and a former professional jockey- Three of four pro athletes.

3) You could very easily make the claim Ned is asexual.

4) Yes, the storyline is about romance. But it’s also about the positive side of a love story, and their only drama lies in overcoming their inability to actually share contact.

5) A very good friend of mine recommended this show to me as “Disney for adults.” I told her it was already on my list to watch because “It’s by Bryan Fuller, from Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.” Bryan Fuller is now most known for “Hannibal.” The same camera methods and bright colours and lighting techniques Hannibal is known for? Perfected in this show, just using a different tone- The same colour methods in reverse, upping the vivid greens and yellows instead of reds and blues, which sells emotion both ways.

7) Probably one of the best examples of a modern day fairy tale possible.

8) Narrated by Jim Dale- The narrator for the HP audio books.

I don’t know if anyone’s already added links to this, but all of these here work and if you hover over the links, an episode description shows :)

Season 1:

  1. Pie-Lette
  2. Dummy
  3. The Fun in Funeral
  4. Pigeon
  5. Girth
  6. Bitches
  7. Smell of Success
  8. Bitter Sweets
  9. Corpsicle

Season 2:

  1. Bzzzzzzzzz!
  2. Circus Circus
  3. Bad Habits
  4. Frescorts
  5. Dim Sum Lose Some
  6. Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic
  7. Robbing Hood
  8. Comfort Food
  9. The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
  10. The Norwegians
  11. Window Dressed to Kill
  12. Water & Power
  13. Kerplunk

May I just say, before I saw this gifset explaining the show, I just thought that PD was about a really adorable germ-a-phobe.

Pushing Daisies is one of my all time favourite shows. Gutted it only had two season but those two seasons are PHENOMENAL! 

but anyway being back at dem is pretty nice. can’t wait for connor to move in to see how this shit goes down

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when the moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie


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Cinema Paradiso (1988)

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i went to a new school when i started second grade and i still remember what my parents said to me as they dropped me off on my first day at the new school: “dont do your yoshi impression, it’s weird and you’ll make no friends.”

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steven hall basically just said that his next book will hopefully be available by the end of this year or early next year 

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ugh why are all of the classes that i want to take only available during the spring semester ):

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So I’m moving into a new apartment, and I was told that the room had been damaged, but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that someone had carved Li Shang’s head out of the bathroom door and written “We must defeat the Huns!” on it.


finally home and in bed and ready to move back into demmy tomorrow

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I know the carwash scares the dog, but tough shit. It scares me, too. 

The mechanism drags our vehicle in and I scream, “We’re going to die!”

The dog whimpers and barks.

"I’ve changed my mind!" I yell.  "Oh god, let me out!"  I use my fingers to pry at the closed windows, but it’s no use. We’re trapped in a tornado of escalating panic. My loss of control makes it worse for the dog and vice versa.

I know that in this space, the relationship between the dog and I is toxic, but he’s my friend and we’re supposed to see a movie later.

I vomit and beg the dog to kill me. I even take his little paws and manually place them on my throat, but either he’s not smart enough to understand strangulation or he fears that my death will force him to surrender a lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to.

At long last, daylight. The nightmare is over. The dog and I bolt out of the car and race over to a patch of grass next to the vending machines.

We embrace.  There are some things we need to work on, but not today.

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